Why a classy closet walk-in?

Besides adding value to your home, walk-in closets are great for keeping you organized and your items stored neatly, in an area where you can find everything at ease.

All of our walk-in closets are fully customizable and unique to every project! At Classy Closets, we consider what we do a form of art. You can't just put the same closet in every space, every home is unique and your walk-in closet should reflect your style and personal touch! That's why each closet system we install, we work with you to design, customize and create a beautiful organizational system for your space.

Our owner Pete has been in the business for over three decades and is on every project, no sub-contractors or franchisees are found on our projects! You will be at ease with Classy Closets!

See a particular color finish you like? View our complete color line below:

Standard finishes